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The Five Basic Unity Principles

The five basic principles emerged in the 1980’s through the writings of Connie Fillmore. Over the years, they have been edited many times. A quick internet search will lead you to a dozen completely different iterations of these ideas, all under the same title of The Five Basic Principles.

Change happens

These changes have occurred, not because the principles change, but because our understanding of the principles change. As we grow and mature in our spiritual walk, we find new understanding and depth in these simple but powerful ideas. We each do what we can to give voice to these ideas in a way that works for us wherever we are in our walk.

An invitation to explore

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to state the principles, there is only an invitation to take these ideas into your heart and play with them in your spiritual practice. I’m sure if you do, you will soon realize their value in a way that transcends words and language.

-Raylene Ewing, RScP

The Five Basic Unity Principles

– as stated on Unity.org (01/03/2020)

  1. God is all there is and present everywhere. This is the force of love and wisdom that underlies all of existence.
  2. Human beings are divine at their core and therefore inherently good.
  3. Thoughts have creative power to determine events and attract experiences.
  4. Prayer and meditation keep us aligned with the one great power in the universe.
  5. It is not enough to understand spiritual teachings. We must live the Truth we know.