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Affirmative Prayer

Prayer is used in faith traditions around the globe. It means different things to different people.

Prayer can take many forms

Supplicatory prayer is when we appeal to God, as when we say, “Please, God, make me a better person.”

Intercessory prayer is when we intercede on behalf of another, as when we pray, “Please, God, heal my friend.”

Lamentations are prayers where we pour out our sorrow to the Divine, as when we pray, “God, I am so sad and tired!”

In the Unity tradition we use affirmative prayer. This form of prayer declares affirmatively the good we are seeking, “I know the health of God is expressing itself as the vibrancy of my life.

Aligning our hearts and minds

Unity uses affirmative prayer because we have discovered it is the most effective form of prayer. When we align our heart and mind with the highest vibration of good around us, we cannot help but rise to that spiritual vibration. You may have heard this dynamic referred to as the Law of Attraction. The power of affirmations has become so well known in the mainstream that it is common now to see them on everything from water bottles to tattoos. Such phrases are just the seed of something much richer and dynamic: Affirmative Prayer.

Affirmative prayer acknowledges the oneness of life. The duality of nature is removed, and we state affirmatively that there is only one life. We are not separate from the living God; we are an individualized aspect of that Divine Life that is God. From that place of knowing we are Good, we are Joy, we are Love, it is easy to speak forth powerfully and affirmatively how those God qualities manifest in our lives.

The key to joy and happiness

When we claim Joy for ourselves, we experience it as fun, pride, and happiness. When we claim Love for ourselves, we experience it as compassion, romance, and friendship. Any quality we might attribute to our idea of God, we can align ourselves with and find an expression of it that is authentic for us.

Unity of Tacoma’s chaplain team is available for affirmative prayer on Sundays at our location in Tacoma, WA. You can fill out a prayer request form located on our home page. You can also pray with a chaplain by calling Silent Unity toll-free at 1-800-669-7729, available 24/7.

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