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Minister’s Musings – June 9, 2021

What’s Our Vision? It’s What Lies Beneath

What is our vision here at Unity or Tacoma? We have a wonderful vision statement that represents who we are as a church.

Our vision statement is:

“A world of wholeness, abundance, and peace for everyone.”

What a beautiful thought and intention for the world! We want wholeness, abundance, and peace for EVERYONE. It’s this mindset that drew me to the Unity movement in the first place. A church that wants that for everyone. Not just those who look like us, or pray like us, or worship like us, but EVERYONE.

According to author and speaker, Simon Sinek, “vision is the ability to see that which cannot be seen”. Vision is what lies beyond what the eyes can see. You see it with your imagination and your heart. And once others begin to recognize the beauty of the vision, the tip of the iceberg is revealed. It hints at the wonders that lie beneath.

Sinek explains that there are three important aspects to an effective vision. Those are resilience, inclusiveness, and service orientation. And Unity of Tacoma embodies all three in the following ways:

  1. Resilience

    is the ability to withstand any type of change: political, social, or technological. We at Unity to Tacoma have risen, time and time again, to the challenges that happen during times of change. The COVID-19 pandemic offers the perfect example. We were able to stay safe within the state guidelines (political); gather together virtually despite the restrictions (social); and with the help of our technology team, we were able to advance our ability to reach as many people as possible by learning how to live stream, use Zoom, and expand our social media reach so we can invite and include EVERYONE.

  2. Inclusiveness

    is the main theme behind our vision statement. We want all people to be part of our vision and to know what’s it’s like to be part of a beautiful vision for the future. Not just a future for ourselves, but EVERYONE in this world that we meet.

  3. Service-Oriented

    Unity of Tacoma has always been in service to others, looking to support where it’s needed most. It again looks at how we can best serve others. Where is there lack, where is there want? How can we help EVERYONE to feel abundance and prosperity? We at Unity strive to fill the gaps so no one is left without loving support.

Our vision is the tip of the iceberg.

It gives a hint of what lies beneath. We are here to enrich the lives of EVERYONE. We truly embody the intention to create the world we want to see. This is who we are. This is where we continue to focus. We are that vision.

In love and light…

Rev. Lori

[email protected]

Pic of Rev. Lori in Orange Shirt

Rev. Dr. Lori Erwin-Johnson is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Tacoma