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Raising the Consciousness of Community — Minister’s Musings for April 26, 2021

And even one life that bears witness to the truth of the prosperity law will quicken the consciousness of the whole community. “- Eric Butterworth

When my husband and I first became parents, of course, it was a bit overwhelming but we worked to overcome the obstacles that arose. We were working hard and doing pretty well at creating the life we wanted for ourselves and our children. It was hard, but we were doing it as most parents do.

Life Throws a Curve Ball

However, one fateful day changed our life trajectory in a way we didn’t plan for. My husband, Rick, was seriously injured in an accident on the job that resulted in a dislocated disc in his neck and an injury to his right shoulder and arm. He was lucky, but he was unable to work for a long time. Eventually, the injuries required surgery to his neck, shoulder, and bicep. It was a tough time, especially because I was due to deliver our second child in a few months.

Making Due When I Was Due

While my husband was receiving treatment for his injuries, our second child was born. Before the accident, we were planning to move into a house big enough to accommodate our growing family. However; when our son was born, we still lived in a small two-bedroom apartment on the second floor.

We shared a laundry area with three other families, that was located on the first floor. Laundry was difficult with an infant and a young child, so we chose to use disposable diapers instead of cloth ones. We couldn’t afford to hire a diaper service and we didn’t have our own washer or dryer. During this time, we struggled to make ends meet, and finding the funds to buy diapers was sometimes really tough. Fortunately, we had family and friends who helped us out. Without them, I don’t know how we would have gotten by at that point in our lives.

There’s Enough For Everyone

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith teaches:

“There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.”

It’s a Truth I embody today that I wasn’t aware of then. I was taught that lack and limitation could only be overcome through hard work and sacrifice and that’s how we lived our life.

Today, I understand the law of circulation and I realize that I was always living in abundance. God was working through the hearts and hands of my family and friends who always made sure we had enough. I know that through sharing out of abundance, there can never be lack or limitation. The gifts from God keep coming in and I truly feel blessed.

An Opportunity to Pay It Forward

Every year, Unity of Tacoma pays it forward by hosting a baby diaper drive in honor of Mother’s and Father’s Days. We know that we are supplied with all that we need and because of this, we want to share our abundance with others so they will know the support and love of the Divine. Through faith and community, we share the love that is overflowing in our lives.

Over the next few weeks, Unity of Tacoma will be accepting packages of disposable baby diapers of all sizes to be shared with people who are in need. All donations will be delivered to the Nourish Food Bank. If you would like to participate and contribute to the blessings, please contact me, Rev. Lori, by email at [email protected] or fill out a contact form, and I can give you more details on when and how to drop your donations off.

Free Abundance Course Coming Available Soon

Also, if you are interested in a FREE book-study class on Eric Butterworth’s book, Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity focusing on creating abundance in your life, please contact me. It’ll change your life and bring your experience into a world of abundance.

In love and light…

Rev. Lori

[email protected]

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Rev. Dr. Lori Erwin-Johnson is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Tacoma