My name is Lori Erwin-Johnson. I am honored and blessed to be chosen as your new minister at Unity of Tacoma. 

Picture of Rev Lori sitting on stairs

Let Me Introduce Myself

I was born and raised in Tacoma, WA, (just behind Snake Lake Nature Preserve and across from Oakland Playground for those of you who are from Tacoma.) My parents moved to a small house there and I was in that home until I was an adult. I attended Oakland Elementary, Hunt Junior High, and Foss High Schools. After I left Foss, I attended Tacoma Community College until I began working. I married my husband Rick and we have three children: Our daughter Kate, son Richard, and youngest son Nicholas. All are doing well as adults and remain in the Puget Sound area. I currently live in Spanaway, WA with my husband and our orange tabby, Georgia

Picture of Rev. Lori's family.
The Erwin-Johnson clan. Top left to right Nicholas and Rick.
Me in the middle. Bottom left to right, Kate and Richard.

I went back to college after the kids were all in school full time. I returned and received a BA in Behavioral Science, later receiving my MS in Psychology. After completing my Master’s, I continued to work towards a Ph.D. in psychology where I focused on interfaith education as a catalyst for inter-religious acceptance. I completed all but my dissertation, which I put on hold for the time being. 

My Journey Had Begun

While I was in graduate school, I began working as an administrator at a local Congregational church. I worked my way to becoming an assistant minister while taking ministerial and chaplaincy classes. Later, I was ordained as a minister by the Progressive Christian Alliance in 2014  and by the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches in 2016. Since then, I have designed and taught classes for other ministers at the university level and received a Doctor of Divinity. Currently, I am attending Unity Urban Ministerial School with the goal of becoming a Unity minister. For those of you interested in seeing my resume, you can click here

So, you may ask, “How have you come to be here at Unity of Tacoma.” Well, you can watch this video explaining how I came to Unity and how I found my way back. Actually, I’m as surprised as anyone and utterly delighted. I have been speaking at Unity of Tacoma throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (since May of 2020) along with several other inspirational speakers. When Denise, Unity of Tacoma’s President of the Board, asked me if I was interested in becoming the minister I was shocked. I had no conscious idea that this would unfold for me, but Superconsciously I did. 

Creating My Own Destiny

Earlier in 2020, my son and I were having a discussion about our futures and he asked me, “Mom, what do you really want to do with your life?” I had just lost my job and was in a type of limbo, so I answered without thinking, “I want to be a Unity minister.” Of course, he being the one who embodies creating our own experiences said, “Then do that!” So, the seed had been planted and then covered up with the experiences of life to germinate. But, I believe that the Divine Mind played a huge role in this unfoldment. Even though it was a short conversation, it lit the fire that fueled my motivation to become a Unity minister. 

I have to give a lot of credit to neuroscientist Joe Dispenza and his theories about the quantum field, which I will be explaining in more detail of the coming few blogs, but in the meantime just know that he inspired me to move in the direction of my dreams and the results have been phenomenal. 

Let’s Connect!

I would like to invite all of you to contact me. We can connect to get to know you and your own vision of what Unity of Tacoma is and can become. You can contact me through Unity of Tacoma’s website contact page at Contact Us or you can email me at [email protected]. We can set up a phone call or a Zoom meeting where we can chat. I would really love that.

I want to thank everyone who was on the Minister Search Committee, the Board of Directors, and the members of Unity of Tacoma for allowing me to be part of this beautiful community.  Thank you and I am truly blessed by this opportunity to start a new chapter with Unity of Tacoma. 

In love and light…

Rev. Lori

[email protected]

Pic of Rev. Lori in Orange Shirt

Rev. Dr. Lori Erwin-Johnson is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Tacoma