Affirmation: I Am Grateful. I have Within Me the Tools Needed:

Wisdom, Strength, and Courage.

I take time to live in each moment of the day with appreciation.

I direct my thoughts to what is true, excellent, kind and admirable.

This clears my mind and brings me peace.

As I view my world with gratitude; blessings are revealed.

I flourish when I learn something new or take time for self-care.

I thrive when I let go of old beliefs that no longer serve me.

I am grateful. I have within me the tools needed: wisdom, strength, and courage.

I am divinely guided through prayer and meditation to be of service and help others.

I am instrument of God’s good in this world. I am so thankful. Amen.

Scripture: “With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord:…” Ezra 3:11

Prayer Chaplain


(Debora Burks)

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